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Hump Day

Dream Office host Hump day on every 3rd Wednesday of the month. An event where the new generation of professionals can get connected, share ideas, and develop themselves as the future leaders of the ASEAN. There will be a wide array of professional mentors on site to connect with and get the answers you have been scratching your head about. These accredited mentors will be leading different discussions that are important to young professionals in the community today.

Dream Pitch

An inaugural event in which social development initiators, social startups, social entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, government, non-profit organizations and private sectors are invited to share their perspectives. Dream Pitch is not just a normal pitching session but we adapt the term of 'auction'; whoever is interested in your ideas may partner with you in any possible way. Monetary support does not have to be the most most important thing for startups but networks and connections do.


Startup Global Opportunity

The Startup Exchange Program aims to help oversea startups to expand to Thailand. Moreover, the same program also can implement for Thai startups that would like to go internationally in ASEAN countries. We serves startups that would like to expand outside their home regions but still have inefficient information and still look for better opportunities from us. 



Datathon is an integration between 'data' and 'Hackathon'. Participants are expected to generate the idea in short time frame. It is a kind of urgency which makes people focus and highly concentrated in a “condensed manner”. Datathon program aims to accelerate the discovery of evidence-based knowledge, increase collaboration via an open cross team-based approach during the design phrase of research, create a system of interaction peer review. The overall idea can be called 'collaborative interdisciplinary'. 

Focused Area

Food Technology

  • Agriculture Technology

  • Smart Farming

  • Functional Food

Health Technology

  • Wellness devices

  • Smart health (IoTs)

Automotive Technology

  • Logistic

  • Energy

  • Car and Robot

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Digital Technology

  • Financiail (FinTech)

  • E-commerce

  • Education

Culture Technology

  • Lifestyle

  • Tourism

  • Movie Industry

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